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Last updated June 7, 2008.
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Sunlight Readability
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Sunlight Readability
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Sunlight Readability
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Technology & Integration
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U.S. Patents
7,965,443 & 7,773,299
- Filling feature gaps of other display enhancement technologies -
Multi-Faceted Enhancement:
DEFENSCREEN compatibility provides a significant new interface for display and window components. It provides unique enhancement and an elegant solution to feature gaps of other technologies.
Display Privacy/Security

Display light is selectively filtered by a transparent window, obscuring images to enhance privacy/security, or reduce distraction.

In comparison, certain other technologies can limit viewing angle, but do not prevent over-the-shoulder privacy intrusion.
Patented elliptical polarization techniques achieve alignment flexibility and compatibility with common polarized eyewear (critical for in-vehicle use).
Sunlight Readability

Sunlight through a window is selectively filtered by the display surface, reducing washout and enhancing readability.

In comparison, certain other technologies can reduce internally reflected sunlight, but don't prevent washout due to the internally scattered glare.
Add-on Technology:

Innovate without re-design!

Almost any display or window can be augmented with DEFENSCREEN compatibility using add-on laminates. This enables display and window components with complementary light control interfaces.

The add-on laminates may be applied by manufacturers, enhancement integrators or certain end-users. They can be applied to most Commercial Off-The Shelf (COTS) displays, or integrated with select touch screens. Image quality is maintained, and brightness is also maintained in many cases.

The required laminates are currently produced for other cost-sensitive display uses (e.g., LCD image generation and compensation). This may permit DEFENSCREEN compatibility to become a standard feature and selling-point for purpose-targeted display and window components.

Technically speaking, the laminates impart light with circular polarization, for an invisible signature that isn't detected by the naked eye. The window and display polarizations have opposite "handedness," to enable complementary light shielding characteristics (i.e., each transparent laminate selectively filters the other's light).

The use of circular polarization is an enabling, patented feature of DEFENSCREEN technology. It maintains compatibility with common polarized sunglasses - critical for in-vehicle use - and permits flexible alignment between the display and window components to ease application.
Compatibility is Flexibility:

Much like the connector ports of a computer, DEFENSCREEN compatibility provides a convenient interface that's available when needed. When exposure control is required, simply combine display and window components.

This compatibility puts enhancement 'on-call'.

Compatible components are independently useful and may be sold separately, and by separate manufacturers.
Business Model:

We sell labels.

These identify products that are licensed to promote compatibility with patented DEFENSCREEN technology. This presents a scalable licensing mechanism for manufacturers or enhancement integrators who wish to add compatibility, whether in low or high volumes.

Performance requirements are defined, and the licensee maintains flexibility to specify materials and methods of their preference to achieve compatibility (technical assistance available). Licensed enhancement integrators may be available to modify common Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) displays to your specification.

Aither Optics seeks to kick-start adoption through collaboration and trial-integration, for introduction within potential markets.

Demonstration samples are available upon request. Please contact Aither Optics and indicate the potential fit with your product or market.

Let us demonstrate how DEFENSCREEN compatibility can become a selling-point for your product!